PQC Cryptocurrencies Comparison

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Name Symbol License Audited Genesis Block Date Dev Tax/Premine/ICO Team White Paper Website Circulating Supply Total Supply Algorithm
Mochimo MCM MPL 2.0 Derivative Open Source License MPL 2.0 DErivative License No June 25, 2018 Yes, Premine. (6.34% or 4.76M MCM) Yes [1] https://mochimo.org 15,729,307 MCM 79,533,882 MCM WOTS+
Quantum Resistant Ledger QRL MIT Yes June 26, 2018 Yes, ICO. Yes [2] https://www.theqrl.org 67,937,170 QRL 77,393,169 QRL XMSS (+ Dilithium after PoS)
Tidecoin TDC MIT No March 2, 2021 No Dev Tax/Premine/ICO No, they're anonymous [3] https://tidecoin.co 17 million TDC 21 million TDC Falcon
QANplatform QANX GNU General Public License v3.0 Yes, by Hacken June 2, 2021 Uses IDO (Initial DEX Offer Yes [4] https://www.qanplatform.com 1.7B QANX 3,333,333,000 QANX CRYSTALS-Dilithium
xx network XX BSD 2-Clause "Simplified" License No November 16, 2021 Minted and pre-sale (ICO) Yes, only the founder is recognized [5] https://xx.network 208.59M XX 999.88M XX WOTS+ & xxBFT (for the consensus)
Abelian ABEL BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License No April 17, 2022 Yes, Premine (9.14% of the total ABEL supply) Yes, only the founder is recognized [6] https://www.abelian.info 80.58M ABEL 225.18M ABEL Lattice-based cryptosystems
Algorand ALGO MIT License Yes January 11, 2019 ICO for Algorand Yes [7] https://www.algorand.foundation 8,006,610,555 ALGO 10,000,000,000 ALGO Not yet post-quantum secure
Abcmint ABCMINT GNU General Public License v3.0 No, algorithm is broken 2018 No data No, anonymous Has no official whitepaper https://abcmint.org No data No data Rainbow Signature Scheme (BROKEN)
Minima WMINIMA Apache License 2.0 Yes, by Hacken Q4 2022 ICO for Minima Yes [8] https://www.minima.global 98.1M WMINIMA 125M WMINIMA WOTS with a Winternitz parameter of 8 and SHA3-256 hash function

Notable events


Suffered a Bridge Hack Resulting in Losses Over $1 Million

Quantum Resistant Ledger

Suffered a zero-day coinbase exploit

"In total, 322.9 quanta were lost to the attacker via deposits on Cointiger."


Breaking Rainbow Takes a Weekend on a Laptop